Madabar Vocab

Easy and powerful vocab training


Madabar has many advanced features that set it apart from typical flashcard applications. These features include:

  • multiple choice quiz with configurable number of choices
  • direct answering of quiz questions via the keyboard
  • flashcard self-testing sessions
  • customizable fields (e.g. gender, number, tense, etc.)
  • customizable shortcuts for entering special characters or series of characters
  • any column can be used for the question and for the answer
  • support for multiple translations for each word (just separate them with commas or semi-colons)
  • customizable fonts
  • multi-level undo
  • copy, cut and paste
  • word list sorting
  • importing of KVTML vocab list files
  • importing of WQL Word Quiz list files

Planned features

  • support for printing out vocab lists
  • pictures and sounds
  • plug-in architecture for word selection in quizzes
  • improved shortcut palette
  • support for more vocab list file formats

Last updated: 2005/09/11