How to create a .deb package for maemo without Scratchbox

The officially recommended way to create .deb packages for the maemo platform is to use dpkg-buildpackage within Scratchbox. For me, Scratchbox is a pain to install for two main reasons. First, there is no RPM package of the scratchbox environment, so apparently I need to run some scripts as root, let my system get a little messier, which I am not willing to do. Second, the docs advise to turn off SELinux in order to get the Scratchbox environment to work, which again I am not keen to do.

If you are using Debian or Ubuntu, there is probably a cleaner approach, but I am currently using Fedora, so I just rolled my own method using the command line. Copy the following files to your project directory:

Then rename deb_hand_example.mak to Makefile, and adjust the variables in this file to match your project.

Setup the required files (referenced in these makefiles) for packaging. There some pointers on this in the Python Maemo howto in the packaging section.

Note the ${PACKAGE_DIR}/data: ${SOURCE_DIR} target in the makefile. This must be modified to layout all files as you wish them to be installed on the target system. The example makefile rule should be a reasonable guide.

Then once you are ready, do ‘make PACKAGE_DIR= deb’ and if all goes well a shiny new deb package should be sitting in release_dir. If not, fix your settings in the Makefile, run ‘make clobber’ and then try again.

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Exaile N800 port webpage

I’ve whipped up a webpage for the Exaile N800 port. This has the latest packages, screenshots, todo list, etc.

I’ve also made a new release with the following changes:

  • Basic Hildon-ization: window, menus, full-screen support, file dialogs
  • Icon now appears in taskbar
  • Fixed default OSD background colour
  • Made track info in title bar briefer

Double-clicking the playlist items in the sidebar doesn’t work. This is due to this bug in maemo gtk. Vote for it if you want this fixed.

There is plenty still to be done. I don’t have stacks of time to work on it at the moment. Send me some encouragement and I may work a bit faster. :-)

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