Exaile for maemo 4.0 (OS2008)

I’ve made a new release of Exaile for maemo 4.0 (i.e. OS2008, chinook). This drops a bunch of backward compatibility patches needed for OS2007, and takes advantage of some gtk 2.10 features. Also, there was a bug in the gtk shipped with OS2007 that prevented activating items in the sidebar. This has gone away, so now there are more playlist actions available.

Exaile on N800 (OS2008) screenshot

Note that the previous release won’t work on OS2008 because the id3lib gstreamer element is called id3demux in OS2008.

If you are in need of a player that handles Ogg Vorbis, m4a and mp3 (among others) on OS2008 and has decent playlist management features and you are willing to put up with a slightly slow and fat app then Exaile for maemo may be for you. :-)

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  1. I am unable to install Exaile because I do not have python-mutagen installed. I did a quick google, but I could not find python-mutagen for maemo.

    Do you know where I can find this package?


    Comment by lazybob — 2007-12-06 @ 1:19

  2. @lazybob
    It is on the some page as the Exaile for maemo .deb:

    Comment by twegener — 2007-12-06 @ 8:13

  3. Hello, first of all thanks for the porting and all the nice work :)

    My volume control slide acts very strange, it does not alter the volume in a linear way, instead it just turn it on and off (max and min value) somewhere around the 50% position. And also the sound seems lower then on the other players.

    All the errors/warnings I get are:

    python[1421]: GLIB WARNING ** libglade – unknown attribute `comments’ for .
    Could not create sink gconfaudiosink. Trying autoaudiosink.
    ReplayGain support requires gstreamer-plugins-bad 0.10.5
    Equalizer support requires gstreamer-plugins-bad 0.10.5

    Am I the only one with this error? Any idea why this could happen?

    Thank you very much :)

    Comment by v-v — 2008-01-07 @ 10:40

  4. Hello,

    many thanks for the work done – the volume problem is reproducable, the curve is not linear and the highest volume is still much lower than in built player in OS2008

    Comment by kbovs — 2008-01-22 @ 8:49

  5. The libglade warning doesn’t matter. I think it’s due to the version of libglade on OS2008 being a bit old. The comments attribute is only for translator comments anyway, IIRC.

    The ReplayGain/Equalizer warnings are due to the absence of a full gstreamer-plugins-bad package on the tablet. It just means you don’t get ReplayGain or Equalizer support, unfortunately.

    I’ll look into the audiosink message.

    I’m away of the volume control issue, I just haven’t got round to dealing with it. I think this has something to do with gstreamer changes in OS2008, and the fact that I am now using the normal playbin approach that is now available, rather than the older codec-specific sinks. I’ll post an update when this is fixed. In the mean time, Kagu is a nice player. :-P

    Comment by twegener — 2008-01-23 @ 19:54

  6. See http://madabar.com/techblog/2008/02/09/exaile-volume-problem-in-os2008-fixed/

    Comment by twegener — 2008-02-09 @ 23:55

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