Exaile volume problem in OS2008 fixed

I finally got around to looking at the problem tonight. The fix was very simple. My apologies for not addressing this sooner!

Get the updated .deb.

The problem was due to the volume range on the original Exaile going from 0-1. For some reason on maemo (OS2008) the volume range is 0-10. According to the gstreamer volume control docs the range should be 0-10, so I’m not sure why the original Exaile works properly on my desktop machine.

Anyway, I mainly use Kagu and Vagalume for music on my N800 these days. As a result I haven’t done anything on maemo Exaile for ages. I hope to one of these days, though.

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  1. The GStreamer volume control supports 0-10.0, but everything above 1.0 is *amplifying* the original signal.

    1.0 is the 0dB point.

    Comment by Jan Schmidt — 2008-02-11 @ 22:35

  2. Hey, Tim

    Just wondered, do you still work on exaile maemo port? Quite impressive work you’ve done, would like to see newer exaile versions on meamo.

    Also, I didn’t find source code of patches, you’ve applied for your port. Did I overlook them?


    Comment by Alendit — 2008-06-15 @ 18:36

  3. @Dimitri

    Thanks for you kind words.

    Life has kind of interrupted my projects at the moment. I hope to get back this at some stage (next couple of months?).

    The modified source is all in the download (it’s Python). Take a look in /usr/share/exaile/ after you’ve installed the deb.
    If you want separate explicit patches then let me know.

    Comment by twegener — 2008-06-15 @ 23:46

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