When maemoscrobbler seems to be stuck…

My N800 was running off-line for quite a while. During this time I’d listened to a bunch of songs with Kagu and was hoping that it would immediately scrobble them to last.fm as soon as I went online. After much fiddling around, I discovered that you must play another song in Kagu while online, in order to launch scrobblerd (via dbus). This, in turn, submits all the tracks queued for scrobbling while offline via maemoscrobbler.

I found some helpful maemoscrobbler tips in this #maemo IRC log.

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  1. 0.1.5-test3 fixes this problem. :)

    Comment by Kemal Hadimli — 2009-02-05 @ 7:20

  2. Maybe this can be considered a bug? Or at least have some UI way of manually submitting tracks? Or is it possible to create a hook when going online (e.g. an application gets started when the tablet’s status changes to “online”).

    There are surely lots of users that do not have the time or motivation to investigate this and are then angry to see it’s not really working (or working in some strange ways).

    So, automatically pushing the scrobbling information to the servers when going online seems to be the way you would have also expected it to work. Having a maemoscrobbler control panel applet and disabling this feature manually (or enabling manually?) would be a nice, user-friendly way of doing this. Where is maemoscrobbler’s bugzilla?

    Comment by thp — 2009-02-05 @ 22:26

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