How to program remote control codes for Yamaha AV Receivers

These instructions are for programming a Yamaha RX-V361 AV receiver remote control so it can control a Panasonic TV:

  1. Press and hold the DTV/CBL input button on the remote
  2. While still holding that button press and hold the AV POWER button for about 3 seconds – long enough for the DTV/CBL message to go away and the sound setting to be displayed (e.g. Music Enh. 2ch). If you don’t hold it down long enough it will say “RemoteSetup NG”. In that case, try again. If you are successful it will just display the sound setting.
  3. Enter the four-digit code using the green numeric buttons at the bottom of the remote. The code for the TV is found in the back of the AV receiver manual, which can be found online. After the fourth button is pressed the display should say “RemoteSetup OK”. The first number listed for Panasonic worked for me for an old CRT TV.
  4. The TV POWER button on the Yamaha remote should now turn on/off the TV (provided the standby button on the TV is already depressed). Other buttons should also work, e.g. TV INPUT, TV MUTE, TV CH, TV VOL, etc.

Key points that are not made clear in the manual: you must use the DTV/CBL input when programming the remote to control a TV (you don’t need to have this input selected to control the TV once it is programmed though); the RemoteSetup NG/OK/display stuff as outlined above.

This took me a while to get right the first time, and I neglected to write it down. Hopefully this will help someone out.

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  1. What happens if none of the codes don’t work for that component. even though it says ‘remote setup ok’, and if other components work correctly?

    Comment by Paul — 2009-02-22 @ 21:52

  2. It’s my understanding that the “RemoteSetup OK” message just means that the remote control will now send commands corresponding to the code that you entered. If the other component doesn’t respond after that then it’s likely that the code is not the right one for that component. If none of the codes work you’re probably out of luck. :-(

    Comment by twegener — 2009-02-24 @ 19:17

  3. I have Yamaha RX V-3200. I am trying to set up the Yamaha remote to control all in my basic system:

    rx v3200
    panasonic g10 plasma
    samsung 1600
    comcast hdtv

    Somehow, the volume button for the remote only controls the cable volume which shows bars going across the bottom of the picture but does not change the volume.

    I read the manual and tried to clear the “learned” function but all it gives is an error. Now the master volume does not do anything but revert to moving the cable volume.

    Can anyone help here? Also, is there a way to delete sources on remote such as vcr1, vcr2, phono, etc?


    Comment by Colin Holloway — 2009-07-08 @ 13:03

  4. Thank you so much for this. I kept getting the NG message and you helped me solve it. I want holding the 2 buttons down until the display goes back to the sound setting. That is the part that I wasnt doing

    Comment by Scott — 2011-02-12 @ 12:04

  5. i have yahama av reciever rx v361. but my remote is a rav 336.where do i find codes

    Comment by scott — 2011-04-25 @ 1:16

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